Sri Lanka will be released in Spring 2020.

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A tale of intrigue and romance, betrayal and reconciliation, “Sri Lanka” is set around the American embassy against a backdrop of terrorism and civil war. A chance meeting at a dinner party in Paris turns the life of Philip Reid, an aging and cynical American diplomat, upside down, sending him back more than twenty years to when he had been a younger and better man. In those days, for a brief moment, Bandula, scion of the island's most powerful family, had been Philip’s closest friend. Now, he finds his onetime boon companion bitter and humbled by life. In a tale marked by terrorist bombings, political assassination, romance and intrigue, we follow the tragedies that lead Bandula to a life in exile and Philip to the attainment of dreams that lose their meaning even in the moment of their fulfillment. In their serendipitous meeting, both men gain a chance at redeeming the past.